FAQ for the FABulous Car Rally Event

Is this Car Rally a speed race?

Absolutely not - there is ample time in the day to be able to participate in challenges at checkpoints and even take in some of the sights!

What time does the event start and end?

11am - 4pm. Registration and event kit hand outs will begin at 10:00am. 

How do I know if I’m a team captain?

If you are the person who originally registered your car, then you are the team captain!

How many checkpoints are there?

There are 10 check points.

I don’t know the area, what if I get lost during the day? 

There will be contact numbers for you to text throughout the day in case you need help.

What’s for lunch?!

Where do we go to pick it up? Information on lunch will be provided prior to the event in an email communication. Please ensure you provide any food allergies for participants in your car, if you need to make any adjustments contact events@iamfab.ca

When do I receive my event kit?

Team captains will receive their event kits at kick off. If you have any questions, please contact our event lead, Sue Moorcroft at events@iamfab.ca 

If I need to remove someone from my car, how do I do this?

Can I replace them with someone else? Yes you can! You can contact our head of registration, at events@iamfab.ca to assist you with this.

When and how do I find out if I won a prize?

There will be a final destination where you will submit your completed passport - all draws will be done at 4:00 p.m live or you can watch it via Facebook live on the FAB Facebook page.

I want to sponsor the event, who do I get in contact with?

You can contact our lovely head of sponsorships for the event, Jessica Ciprietti-Mills at events@iamfab.ca .

How do I set up my fundraising page?

Please refer to the initial email you received with the event information to find instructions on how to set up your fundraising page which is also linked in the email. If you have any questions contact events@iamfab.ca

What if I have a food allergy but forgot to mention it when registering? How do I make that change?

You can make that change by contacting our head of registration at events@iamfab.ca

Who should I get in contact with if I have any questions about the event?

You can contact our head of registration, at events@iamfab.ca

What if I am unable to finish?

That’s okay! You won’t be entered in the raffle to win the grand prize but will still be entered into the other prizes.  

Are there specific washroom stops on the route? 

The location for kick-off will have washrooms and it will also be the location for lunch. Feel free to come back to our central location at any time.  

What types of vehicles are permitted?

All types of vehicles are permitted, as long as they are insured!

Any other questions? Please email: events@iamfab.ca