FAB Team

Stacey Marshall

Program FAB Girl

Once I had a daughter, I wanted to be the type of mother and role model to inspire her to become a strong woman. FAB is the kind of place that not only allowed me to inspire girls but also inspired me to be the best woman and mother I could be. Through the FAB programs, volunteers, board of directors and coaches, FAB is the place where everyone is embraced and celebrated and I get the honour of being a FAB staff member.stacey@iamfab.ca

Rose Stinson

Office Administrator

Always striving for ways to cultivate connection within the community, Rose stumbled upon FAB through the suggestion of friend and quickly signed up to become a FAB Coach for the FAB Girls 5KM Program in 2016. She loved the experience so much that the next year she lead two programs each week, including the FAB empowerment program. “I found it difficult to fit in in middle school, and make it a personal mission of mine to make sure other young girls have a place of belonging, a place they can look forward to each week where they can be themselves and belong to.” Rose works full time in the health industry and brings much enthusiasm to the FAB team.