Program Registration

Thank you for supporting your child's interest in our FAB 5K Challenge Program (grades 6-8). The goal of our program are two-fold: (i) to encourage those who identify as youth girls to become more physically active and engage in healthy living, and (ii) to help develop goal setting skills that can be used to achieve any future goal.  Our ultimate goal is to inspire youth girls to ‘dream big, live big’ by providing them with the skills and the confidence to live an empowered life.

Our program is free and runs from March to June each year. FAB participants and volunteer coaches meet once a week for 90 minutes. Each 90-minute session includes a meet and greet and ice breaker, warm up, running drills, games, cool down, and snack and goal setting discussion. Additionally, throughout the 12 weeks FAB participants and coaches have the opportunity to participate in 3 running events.

Our 2024 FAB 5K Challenge Program is starting the week of March 25, 2024! Our program will operate out of 10 recreation centres in Hamilton on either a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening from 6-7:30pm. We are excited to welcome 135 FAB girls for 2024!

Program schedule

It is our goal to ensure you receive all of the information you need to know about the FAB program and the activities the FAB participants are involved in so they will get the most enjoyment from their FAB experience.

The following is an overview of the program and events

Over 12 weeks, from March to June, FAB participants will meet for 90 minutes each week with volunteer coaches at their program location.

FAB participants can look forward to building friendships, positivity, and strength during their 12-week journey with us.

Please be advised that some session components are best held outdoors; please ensure your FAB participant arrives with a water bottle, wearing running shoes and comfortable weather appropriate clothing.

We hold the following events during our 12-week program on a weekend morning:

FAB Kick Off Assembly - Saturday March 30th at Bennetto Recreation Center

FAB 3K Challenge - TBD

FAB 4K Challenge - TBD

FAB 5K Challenge - Saturday June 15th, 2024 at Confederation Park.

FAB participants will receive a FAB schedule of events in greater detail at the beginning of our program.