Program Registration


Program Registration

Thank you for supporting your daughter’s interest in our FAB Girls 5K Challenge Program (grades 6-8) or our FAB Girls Empowerment Program (grades 9-12).  The goals of our programs are two-fold: (i) to encourage youth girls to become more physically active and engage in healthy living, and (ii) to help develop goal setting skills that can be used to achieve any future goal.   Our ultimate goal is to inspire youth girls to ‘dream big, live big’ by providing them with the skills and the confidence to live an empowered life.

Our programs are free and run from March to June each year. FAB Girls and volunteer coaches meet once a week for 90 minutes.  Each 90-minute session includes a meet and greet and ice breaker, warm up, running drills, games, cool down, and snack and goal setting discussion.  Additionally, throughout the 12 weeks FAB Girls and coaches have the opportunity to participate in 3-4 running events.

To ensure the barriers to participation are removed, our programs are free and each FAB Girl will receive a FAB training shirt, FAB goal setting journal, new running shoes, a FAB race shirt, and healthy snacks.  In addition, FAB will also cover the cost of run entry fees as well as transportation to and from each event.

Click on one of the buttons below to Register for the FAB Girls 5K Challenge Program (grades 6-8) and the FAB Girls Empowerment Program (grades 9-12).