Our WHY – Mission, Vision, and Values

The Fit Active Beautiful Foundation is affectionately known as FAB.

FAB program participants are affectionately knows as FAB Girls.

The inspiration to create FAB came from a desire to end the poverty cycle among youth girls.


Emphasizing health over aesthetics or numbers, being fit encompasses both emotional and physical well-being. Through the power of sport and goal setting, FAB strives to help young girls become strong women at home, in school and in the community.


By leading an active life, FAB Girls empower themselves and one another to do their best while engaging with a positive and supportive attitude. As a result of this encouragement and self discovery, FAB Girls realize, “I CAN!” and become more confident, active leaders within the community.


When FAB Girls push themselves physically and emotionally to reach new goals, they soon discover the power and beauty within them. Along with self-appreciation comes confidence, inspiration, and the ability to dream and live big.


Our passion: helping young girls become strong women

Our focus: reaching young girls in Hamilton’s low-income communities

Our goal: to inspire young girls to dream big and live big

Our strategy: to build young girls’ goal-setting skills and self-confidence

Our vehicles: FAB Girls 5K Challenge Program and FAB Girls Empowerment Program

FAB aims to eliminate barriers by providing youth girls in grades six through twelve with the goal-setting and leadership skills necessary to lead an empowered life, ultimately returning as a FAB coach to positively influence future generations.