FAB Girls 5k Challenge Program

FAB Girls 5k Challenge Program

In 2009, the FAB Girls 5K Challenge Program was piloted with only nine FAB Girls and two volunteer coaches. The 12-week, innovative running program has since grown, taking hundreds of girls in grades 6, 7, and 8 through a physical journey of goal setting helping build their self-esteem and achieve their proudest moment of crossing the finish line at the FAB 5K Community Challenge.

The program combines the power of sport with a goal-setting framework, providing an empowering environment that encourages youth girls to become more physically active, engage in healthy living, and develop positive and supportive teamwork with other FAB Girls.

By taking an active approach to improving their fitness level, the girls develop self- confidence and motivation that will help them achieve future personal goals, break the poverty cycle, and become strong women.

The free program removes the barriers of participating in sport by providing each FAB Girl with a new pair of quality running shoes, transportation and paid entry into community runs, a personal goal-setting journal, healthy snacks, and two ‘I’m FAB’ t-shirts. FAB Girls tell us they have made new friends; are more active; achieve goals; feel they’re a stronger runner; feel inspired; and their coaches are encouraging and provide a comfortable environment.

    • 96 percent plan to continue running
    • 92 percent feel they are more self confident
    • 90 percent feel they are better able to set goals
    • 88 percent plan on setting goals
    • 88 percent have become more active

The FAB Girls 5K Challenge Program is currently offered in the following locations:

  • Central Memorial Recreation Centre
  • Riverdale Recreation Centre
  • Bennetto Recreation Centre
  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier Recreation Centre
  • Sir Winston Churchill
  • Westmount Recreation Center
  • Boys and Girls
  • Eva Rothwell
  • Bernie Morelli Recreation Center
  • Wesley Urban Ministries

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