Become A Fab Girl

Become A FAB Girl

FAB offers FREE running programs where FAB Girls learn how to set goals and participate in running games and drills as they train for and cross the finish line at the FAB 5K Community Challenge.  Our programs are 12 weeks in length and run from April to June.

FAB Girls 5K Challenge Program

The FAB Girls 5K Challenge Program is available to girls in grades 6 – 8.

FAB Girls Empowerment Program

The FAB Girls Empowerment Program is available for girls in grades 9 – 12.

FAB Girl’s in each program will receive:

  • a new pair of quality running shoes
  • transportation and entry to local races
  • a personal goal-setting journal or vision board
  • a FAB T-shirt
  • healthy snacks
  • improved confidence
Why Join FAB?
  • make new BFF’s
  • get fit & active
  • get healthier & more confident
  • learn how to set goals & achieve them
  • get cool FAB stuff
How to sign up
  1. Choose a program and location that is closest to where you live
  2. Click here to Register Online or Pick up an application at the location you want to join
  3. Return completed application signed by your parent or guardian to your chosen location


The FAB program is open to girls in grades 6 – 12 who attend a school where FAB presentations were made or live within a 3K radius of a program location. Each location is limited to 20 FAB Girls on a first come first serve basis. Priority is given to returning FAB Girls.

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